Congratulations! You have officially made it sixty-five years. Well done, you!

It’s time to celebrate with enhanced healthcare benefits, reduced insurance premiums, and more!

So, how do you feel? If you’re anything like me when I was your age, the first answer that comes to mind is “confused.” That’s because social security is confusing! You’ll soon find yourself sorting through supplement plans, advantage plans, prescription plans, etc. Yikes! It’s enough to make your hair go gray!

So, here’s a plan. Let me help. I’m Christina Martel.

I am happy to guide you through all that government gobbledygook, making your application process faster and easier.

As a healthcare insurance expert who’s been there myself, not only can I streamline your transition into Medicare, but I can help you avoid lengthy delays caused by accidentally making mistakes on those unfamiliar forms.

Yes, as a licensed independent broker, I made the decision several years ago to focus my entire career on making Medicare simple for deserving people like you.

I am available to answer your questions almost any time, any day, and in any way: by phone, in person, or over Zoom.

You deal directly with me. There’s no waiting, no robotic voice, or crazy-making automated maze of endless button-pushing. Just me, a real person who is happy you got in touch and ready to help you find the best budget-friendly plan to suit your needs.

And it’s all at NO COST TO YOU! It’s okay! Your glasses are already on. You’re reading this correctly.

By representing most major Medicare carriers, I can provide you with all the unbiased information you need FOR FREE. Now, how does it feel being sixty-five? Oh, you’re going to love all the perks!

I will explain the various options: Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare Supplement, and drug plans. On most Medicare Advantage plans, did you know you pay NO premiums Yes, ZERO, nada. Yet, the majority of plans include vision, dental, chiropractic, transportation, and gym membership.

Oh, I can hardly wait to tell you more! Why wait? Contact me now!

FOR MY CURRENT MEDICARE CLIENTS:  I know you have already celebrated your 65th birthday and are already on Medicare. I’m sending this information to you as well so you can pass it along to others who may need it. Thank you!

This month’s quote: Age is just the number of years people have been adoring you.”  ~Anonymous

In support of you,



PS – To learn more about all things Medicare, contact me at or call 949-677-7631.