Medicare is a health insurance policy from the federal government for seniors comprised of four different parts as explained below.

Medicare Part A – Hospital Coverage
If you pay social security, you are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A around your 65th birthday. Part A provides coverage for hospital stays, as well as hospice care and even some skilled nursing facilities.

Medicare Part B – Doctor and Outpatient Services
Part B of Medicare, which you are also enrolled in automatically with Part A, provides coverage for your outpatient doctor’s visits, lab tests, diagnostic screenings, and emergency transport.

Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part C is a private health insurance alternative that combines Parts A and B of Medicare into a single plan and may include other perks, like free gym memberships and so on. This is not provided by the federal government, but it is approved by them.

Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage
Lastly, Medicare Part D covers your prescription medications. You have to purchase Part D separately from a private insurance company if you are enrolled in Parts A and B.
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