For seniors who are turning 65 and may be ready to retire, getting the right medical insurance policy can be a mysterious and complicated ordeal.

For most people who pay income tax, automatic enrollment in Medicare Parts A and B will happen around their 65th birthday, but many people will wonder what happens in special cases, like for people who don’t pay income tax, or who are still getting insurance from their employer or the employer of their spouse. Other cases include people with COBRA from a previous employer, or if you want more coverage than Original Medicare can provide.

These special cases that surround health insurance policies after turning 65 can be convoluted and difficult to navigate without someone to help, so many people turn to an expert insurance broker, like Christina Martel. At Martel Insurance, we specialize in bringing medical insurance to seniors at no cost to them. Since Christina Martel is paid a commission by the insurance companies (a flat rate, so she is never biased to pushing more coverage on you), the seniors she works with never have to pay her for use of her services. She can help you get the right coverage for your needs with ease.