Medicare is an insurance program designed for people aged 65 and over, as well as people with disabilities and certain chronic conditions. The costs associated with Medicare will depend on your income and on your medical needs, as well as on the specific plan a patient chooses.

Part A, hospital coverage, will have a monthly premium of up to $471 in 2021, dependent on their Medicare tax payments. The copay for part A depends on how long you are in the hospital and what care you need.

Part B represents doctor’s appointments, lab tests, and similar outpatient services. The standard premium will be $148.50 for the year 2021. Patients can opt-out of part B and still receive Medicare coverage for the other portions.

Part C refers to insurance plans under the guise of Medicare but sold by private companies, costs will vary.

Part D of Medicare covers your prescription medications, and multiple plans are available. Your copay will depend on your coverage as well as the medications you require. The average cost is a little over $30 per month, but this will go up with your income. Patients who have contributed more than $5,100 for their medications will be covered by the Medicare program.