• The children are grown and have started lives of their own. They’ve finished their schooling.  They have jobs.  Perhaps they have married.  You may even have grandchildren. You and, if you’re married, your spouse did a great job. You now have the freedom to travel, lounge around, and enjoy your empty nest years.


    However, you’re still living in the same two-story Colonial you’ve called home for the past 30 years.  Even so . . . there are no more kids careening around with their friends, blaring their music, cluttering up the kitchen, dropping their dirty clothes on the floor . . . the house echoes with its new emptiness and old memories.


    The house–your home–also needs repairs. The garden needs attention. The cost of keeping things up is getting more and more expensive. You may no longer have the energy to spend on tending and maintaining. And, retirement hasn’t brought you more income . . . on the contrary. Where did the last 30 years go?  You decide to have the “talk,” either with yourself or with your partner. With a heaving breath you say, “Is it time to downsize?” You blink away the tears in your eyes. The idea is almost unthinkable.  


    Downsizing can bring up all sorts of emotions.  It’s difficult to give up the memories associated with your home. It can be like losing a cherished, old friend. Even the thought of trying to pare down its contents into a two bedroom condo can be overwhelming. But moving to a more manageable home could help you remain independent longer.

    Here are a few reasons to consider a simpler lifestyle:


    Finances:  Are the costs of owning and maintaining that two-story Colonial giving your budget a stretch that it simply can’t sustain?


    Family and Friends: Will relocating bring you closer to the ones you love? (Or, maybe farther away? 😊)


    Health Concerns: Do you now have physical limitations that make moving around and upkeep difficult?  . . . And, what about those stairs? They’re not compatible with a pending knee replacement or two.


    Unused Space:  Are you heating and cooling rooms you never use? It’s common that you’ll never again wander into that empty room at the end of the hallway once its occupant has left.


    If you think downsizing might be in your future and the thought overwhelms you, there are resources available to make the transition as smooth as possible. Once you’ve made up your mind and have come to terms with your feelings, help is out there. There are realtors who specialize in downsizing for seniors. There are organizers who will even dispose of the things you no longer want. They can draw up your new floor plan and place your items exactly where you want them. They’ll hang your curtains and pictures, organize your kitchen and bathrooms, and even make your beds.


    To find a senior move manager, go online to the National Association of Senior Move Managerswebsite – nasmm.org, and click Find a Senior Move Manager.  You’ll experience a stress free transition, having prepared for this exciting next chapter with expert advice and ease.


    I personally have moved 33 times and each time into a smaller home.  I don’t necessarily recommend that way of downsizing, but I’m still here to talk about it. Of course, you’re always welcome to pick up that phone and chat with me. I’ll keep the story as short as possible.


    In support of you,