Original Medicare is a federal program made up of Parts A and B.  Part A partially covers hospitalization while Part B partially covers doctor’s visits.  It provides national health insurance for people 65 years old and above, as well as to younger people in specific cases with certain disabilities and diseases that qualify. Receiving Medicare once you are 65 years old, however, is not a completely straightforward process.

Private insurance companies created plans to supplement the gaps in what Medicare does not cover. After you have Medicare Parts A and B you might want to consider one of those supplementary plans since not every portion of your health costs may be covered if you don’t.

The complicated process of determining what coverage you need is best navigated using a professional to guide you.

Many potential clients assume that there is a cost to work with an insurance broker like Christina Martel, and therefore try to do everything on their own, which often leads to disaster.  There is NEVER a cost to work with Christina. Avert disaster and work with an expert.

Christina Martel is an independent insurance broker who specializes in making Medicare simple. She focuses 100% of her business on helping seniors. She works diligently to find the best plans for your situation and will only advise you to enroll in the coverage that you need to ensure your health is secure.