Many terms starting with “Medi” exist within California with regard to government sponsored medical insurance. Medicare, Medical, Medigap… what was that last one? If you have never heard of Medigap before, it’s a term that applies to supplemental insurance for seniors on Medicare that covers the “gaps” in their insurance policies.

Original Medicare, Parts A and B, cover hospital stays and outpatient visits, but still have deductibles and copays for certain procedures. Medigap, or Medicare Supplement Plans, are provided by private insurance companies to help cover those costs.

There are a lot of providers for Medigap, but the plans are all standardized. The only difference is the premiums, which means that you might be paying more than you need to for your Medigap coverage.

Also, you may not be able to switch plans once enrolled, so it’s vitally important to decide on the right plan at the right time.

All of this is a good reason to contact Christina Martel at Martel Insurance Alliance so that you get guided help from an experienced Medicare Insurance broker throughout this complex process.

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